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Software and mobile apps will be developed to your exact requirements. After consultation we can implement software to increase productivity, unburden staff and enable growth.

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Simple. Stunning.

Websites which catch attention and deliver quality for value. Client side and server side delivery for all functionalities. We will listen to your needs and combine with our expertise to create what you need

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S&A are experts in cloud computing and can show how using the cloud will save you time and money.

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Our Expertise

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Cloud Computing

Interested in moving to the cloud? We are cloud experts! Consult with us to learn how cloud hosting can support your business, reduce computing costs and improve resilience. After advising on the appropriate infrastructure we can set up and manage.

Database Build and Management

Poor quality databases are slow, unreliable and do not achieve organisational goals. Let us enable you to take control of your data. Our solutions can improve the quality of your data and we can customise applications and reports to ensure your organisations vision is achieved.

Business Intelligence

There is a wealth of knowledge held within your organisations current and historic records. To move forward it is often vital to know where you've been.

Business Analytic

Through our rich analytics we can help you understand staff performance, stock levels, product performance and all other factors vital for strategic planning.

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IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an essential component for secure, resilient and fast business. Mobile workers and personal devices can be set up in a security focused environment. We can install and set up hardware following approval of the architectural design and topology.

Pro Bono Projects

Integrating high quality service, elite in house skills and immaculate delivery time with the ambition to fix social problems.

S&A Solutions Ltd. employees will use their expertise to bring a positive effect to our clients, but we also play an active role in projects which have a social benefit. Through using our decades of experience within the IT industry we can deliver high quality services within the set time for clients and in our pro bono projects.
We believe in the good that technology can deliver and each quarter work pro bono for a cause which we believe in. This is open to charities or community interest companies where we will work on websites, mobile applications, infrastructure, business intelligence and cloud services. We believe that our wealth of knowledge should be shared and we are eager to help make a difference. We will dedicate a set number of hours each quarter towards fixing social issues of causes important to our team.
Anyone with a worthy pursuit is welcome to contact us by email regarding our Pro Bono project development scheme.

Our Services

Website Hosting

Websites can be designed and hosted in the most appropriate environment. Hosting can be completed on a Linux or Windows server, depending on the site requirements. Our cloud experts can build web servers for custom requirements.

Custom Software

Can follow Waterfall or Agile methodology to create custom software fit for purpose. Software is able to save an organisation time and money. We can merge the functions required, which your organisation might be using multiple software for, to make your process seamless.

Web Applications

Websites can be designed according to requirements. We are able to modify and improve your old website, such as adding additional functionality, make it dynamic for mobile and tablet use or increase accessibility.

Mobile Devices/Tablets

We can develop custom mobile applications. These can include games, organisation website or other ad hoc app tasks. Our mobile apps will run on the main operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Apps can be created for less common operating systems, please enquire for details.